Before you can sellout, we need to figure it out. From the back office to the box office, we believe great clients needs excellent solutions. 

Box office solutions

Box offices are busy. From ticket window sales to call center service, and from group sales to season tickets and special events, Outbox helps you manage ticket prices, seat availability and even set seats aside for promoters, with seamless ease and efficiency.

Back office solutions

Back offices are hectic. For season ticket sales, CRM functions to track past ticket buyers and target future prospects for promotional purposes and hone sales and marketing functions, as well as any other revenue or accounting functions, you can rely on our state-of-the-art systems for smoother success. 

Here are some examples of back office and box office solutions that have helped our clients to outdo even themselves.



It’s been labeled the “best ticket-ordering interface ever”, and it’s the answer for even the most demanding shopper. It’s the most convenient online way for consumers to purchase the best possible tickets for long-running shows.  Are the best seats available for Wednesday or Sunday? Does it mean attending the early or the late show?  The answers are all right there, on their screens in front of them, thanks to our exclusive  seat map design and individual seat selection. 

Bell Center with show


It’s the on-line consumer purchasing power-tool for the busiest shows in some of the largest venues in the world. Concert-goers and sports fans can easily navigate shopping online for tickets in even the busiest venues, because they’re able to see and experience exactly where they’ll be sitting.

Ticket vault


The Montreal Canadiens call it the “Ticket Vault”, and it provides a secondary market for their season ticket holders using Outbox “Ticket Resale” technology.  It’s completely integrated, and subscribers simply access their “My Account” page to post seats and see resale status. If your team wants to create additional value for subscribers, this is your tool and you set the rules.

My Account

My Account

It’s a unique management portal that allows consumers and season ticket holders to manage their tickets. Whether they want to use “forwarding” to invite friends, re-issue their misplaced tickets, post tickets for resale, access personal offers, or simply view their season ticket renewal invoice and plan their payments – it’s all there in one place. 

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Event N3™

It’s the Outbox solution for all your access control needs. Based on a special version of Apple’s Ipod4, it’s designed to get your fans through the door. It’s fully equipped with a high-performance laser scanner, a camera for reading all barcodes asap, as well as magnetic card reader for ticketless access, with the addition of a wireless printer. 

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Outbox clients consistently deliver more than 90% of total sales using personalized Electronic Tickets. New delivery methods like E-Ticket, Ticketless, etc., are not only sales and user-friendly, they’re also an excellent environmentally friendly alternative.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room™

It’s the Outbox patent-pending solution to the challenge of managing large on-sales.  It can handle well over 1 million customers and provides a fair and consumer-friendly way to purchase tickets online, even with the most demanding ticket sales volume. Plus you can use its analytics to predict the future, gauge demand and plan accordingly. 



As part of its ticketing platform, Outbox offers a fully integrated CRM solution based on Consona’s Onyx cloud-based CRM tool that works seamlessly with your box office processes.

Fraud Prevention Services

It’s the most advanced automated system to detect and prevent fraudulent purchases. You can also count on the skilled staff of our fraud prevention team to detect patterns and work with your box office to handle delicate situations.

Call Center

Outbox works with the best phone operators to provide you with a personalized call center. 


Outbox provides complete fulfillment services to make sure your event tickets are shipped to the buyer right away.  We provide three fulfillment centers to take care of all your worldwide shipping needs, and you can track it by each customer’s “order detail page”.

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